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Lots to download - Please be patient. (they're worth it)
These pictures show me doing some of my favorite things.

This picture is when we were five weeks old. Of course, I'm always the first one out of the door.

When I was seven weeks old, I flew 1200 miles in an airplane to my new home, and I was pooped !

When I was eight weeks old, I started learning how to retrieve, but I was so small that I couldn't get the training dummy in my mouth, so I just "cigared" it.

When I was nine weeks old, I would use my "innocent look" when I disobeyed a command.

When I was 12 weeks old, I pointed my first grouse. The grouse is just past the fallen tree, in a line straight out from my nose.

When I was 14 weeks old, I went swimming for a water retrieve for the first time.

When I was four months old, my owner brought me to this place. He says we are going to hunt ducks here this Autumn.

When I was five months old, my owner made me hold his hand. He said this was so that I could be "force fetched". I don't know what that is, but it doesn't sound very fun.